By Jade Jackson

A Poem About Death

With each heavy breath,
a life less.

With every second more
stories drift ever further from you.

Your life that now exists,
remains in words
told by others.

A lifetime of love, food, shopping, travel, family
and heartache.

At the end, your life…

And How You Can Too!

Never again do I want to see an email inbox, with this many emails.

I remember the day I created the inbox in question. It was early 2014, and I was now serious about my writing career, so I needed a dedicated email, just for writing.

I had such hope.

This email, this brand new inbox, was the one that was going to keep…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

But More Importantly, What We Can Learn From This.

I know, everyone (including me) is tired of hearing about the Coronavirus, (or COVID-19) but looking beyond the panic toilet paper and pasta buying, it’s taught us important lessons about humanity.

History is being created everyday, and a hundred years from now, future humans (presuming we’re not all wiped out)…

The following poem was written on a drizzly afternoon, on the 2nd Feb 2019 — 12 days after my best friend and previous lover, Jennifer Olsen died from terminal liver disease, except I was yet top be told. It’s ironic considering I had no idea she had passed.

As Jen’s…

Why America Needs To Drop The ‘We’re #1’

Firstly, I love America. I have many American friends, all truly wonderful people. I have fond memories of travelling all over the USA and I can’t recall meeting anyone that wasn’t friendly, welcoming and an all-round treasure.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

However, America has an identity…

Italy doesn’t have to be standing in queues for big sights, experience the real Italy, with these tips.

The last time I was in Venice, there was queues of hundreds of people waiting to cross tiny bridges over canals. …

Are you a sucker for long distance romance?

With travel, especially solo travel, inevitably comes long distance romance. There’s nothing like a tropical destination with a plethora of wild smells and tastes to get the endorphins pumping; the heart palpitating and the palms sweaty with desire.

For most traveler’s, visiting…

Image by Jade Jackson.


You know I always hesitated to call you an ‘ex’, because you never left me. From your emails and messages saying “I wish we could rewind a few” to, “I’ll always love you,” you ensured we were always tethered.

I know at one point, I tried to remove you…

Why solo travel is a thing and how it will change your life.

So apparently travelling solo is a thing now. Who knew? I mean it’s all I’ve ever known. You don’t have to be single to enjoy solo travel. …

Why New Years Is An Overrated Celebration And We Should End It

The Sun sets, and the next day it rises again. It happens everyday. It’s not some miracle, it’s not some spiritual awakening. It just is. There’s nothing magical about it.

Sure we get to start a new calendar…

Jade Jackson

Author of Drunk Love Sober Death (poetry), Compass (play) and Alice Kant (Romance..cough). Find everything, including my podcasts at

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